If you’re searching for the newest online slots in the UK, look no further. A number of new UK slot sites are being rolled out monthly by top casinos, giving players the chance to bet, spin and win more often.

This guide will help you navigate the latest slot sites, ensuring you understand more about the games, bonuses, payout rates and more.

Read this before you sign up and have some fun!

5 Types of New Online Slots

Before you choose between any of the brand new slot sites, it’s important to understand the different types of slots available online.

  1. Classic Slots. These are the most simple types of online slots. In a traditional setting, this would be the slot with a one-handed lever that’s used to spin the machine. All you need is three of the same symbols to win, making this an ideal game for first-time players. Because online classic slots use algorithms though, you can expect better payouts.
  2. Five, Six and Seven-Reel Slots. Unlike a classic slot, which only has three reels, there are also five, six and seven-reel variations. Five-reel slots are most commonly found on online casino sites because of the attractive graphics, ease of use and free spin mode. All three of these slot variations offer an increased chance of winning.
  3. Progressive Slots. Also known as a progressive jackpot, progressive slots take a portion of the player’s wager and add it to a jackpot. In the case of online casinos, slot machines are interconnected to contribute to a single jackpot. Players need to adhere to a maximum wager to qualify for this jackpot though. 
  4. Interactive Slots. This particular type of slot is the most advanced in terms of technology. Players have the ability to almost craft their own game by spinning different reel combinations or participating in a storyline. This means that along with regular reel slot spins, there are also bonus stages, allowing players to increase winnings.
  5. VR Slots. Lastly, there are VR slots that immerse you in a virtual environment. These environments generally consist of multiple online slot machines but they offer a more realistic experience.

What to Look For in New Online Slots in the UK

If you want to determine whether new slot games are worth playing, here are some of the slot site features to look out for:

  • No Deposit Bonus. A new slot site will almost always offer a no deposit bonus – the best ones anyway. This means that you can play new slots without having to spend any of your own money. Some sites might offer you free credits, while others will provide you with several free spins. 
  • It’s Run By an Established Brand. The best new slot sites are always run by well-known brands, so pay attention to this. 
  • Variety of Payment Options. Any good online slot site offers a number of payment options, including PayPal, Skrill, Apple Pay, Boku, and NETeller. Many also have debit cards as an option.
  • Terms and Conditions. Every reputable online casino will have detailed terms and conditions that you can easily access and understand.
  • A Good Selection of Slots on Offer. Leading slot sites are known for their wide selection of slots, and they often add new games all the time.

Why Play New Casino Slots?

Wondering why you should choose to play new UK slots instead of established brands? Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Access the latest slot games. If you love to be the first to try out something new, opting to wager and play on new slot sites will provide you with an exciting experience.
  • Enjoy better welcome offers. New slot sites want to catch your eye, which is why there is such a strong focus on attractive sign-up offers and bonuses. 
  • More payment options. The latest slot sites always provide their customers with more ways to deposit money and play, no need to sign up for a new payment method.
  • Licensed and trustworthy. Top new slot sites are licensed by the UKGC, which means you get to play in a safe environment.
  • A better experience overall. The latest slot sites are built using the latest technology, which means you get to enjoy a better experience while playing online.

Payout Rates of New Slot Sites UK

A slot machine payout rate refers to the percentage that players can expect to win back over time – this is often also referred to as Return to Player (RTP).

The average RTP of online slots is around 75%, with others being much higher. 

Fortunately, most of today’s slot software developers are happy to display the RTP to potential players, helping you decide which slots you want to take a chance on.

Just keep in mind that payout amounts can change and you should always check the latest rate before you go ahead with a deposit.

New Slots Online: Deposits & Withdrawals

A positive of many of the new slots in the UK is that they offer a number of secure and convenient payment methods to players. While many sites allow you to make deposits using debit cards, eWallets are more popular, including PayPal, NETeller and Apple Pay to name a few. 

Players can almost always expect some form of sign-up bonus following their first deposit – you can check the T&Cs of the site for specifics. 

Once you’ve completed a deposit, you can start playing immediately, provided the money is reflected in your account.

In terms of withdrawal turnaround times, this depends on the payment method you prefer to use. It’s also best to compare transaction fees across different eWallets to see where you can potentially save some money. 

How to Sign Up On New Slot Sites

Signing up on a new slot site in the UK is really easy. Here are the steps we suggest you follow:

  1. Read through the relevant reviews and compare your options.
  2. Navigate to the slot site of your choice and complete the required details. Sign-up forms are usually clearly displayed on the home page.
  3. Complete a KYC procedure to verify your age.
  4. Securely deposit funds into your online slot account. 
  5. Use your sign-up bonus to try out a new slot machine.
  6. Make a list of your favourite gaming slots, start spinning and enjoy your prize money.

New Online Slots FAQs

Are the latest slot sites safe?

If a slot site, including new mobile slots, are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and there are clear terms and conditions, they are safe. Any sites licensed by the UKGC meet the necessary gambling safety standards.

Is a UK Gambling Commission License a Must?

New slot machine sites don’t need to have a UKGC license but it’s best to not use these sites. UKGC-licensed websites offer a greater level of protection to players.

What Types of Bonus Offers Do New Slot Sites Offer?

In most instances, a site will offer you free spins on any game or specific slots. In other instances, you can expect bonus credits or cash back after making a deposit or meeting minimum wagering requirements.

What are No Deposit Slot Sites?

Sites that don’t require a deposit will allow you to play slot games at no cost before you make a deposit. Just keep in mind that you also won’t win any real money until you make an official deposit.

What are the Top New Slot Sites in the UK?

The list is honestly too long to mention, especially since new sites are launched all the time. Choosing a slot site depends on the types of games you prefer, the RTP and whether you are looking for specific welcome offers.

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